Playing golf in extreme weather

Playing golf is always an exciting and fun experience, but doing that during extreme weather can be a bit difficult. However, you can still play and have fun, despite any major weather changes. As long as you commit to the idea of playing golf and get the right equipment like a golf umbrella and other items like that, you will be fine. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play golf even if there’s extreme weather outside.

Invest in protective equipment

Getting the best equipment like a golf sweater, golf socks and a proper jacket if needed can really help you. You can even add some long john thermals and even a pair of rain pants as needed. It never hurts to be very well prepared, as extreme weather can appear out of nowhere and ruin your game.

Staying warm and dry on the course

A good turtleneck or a coat will help a lot here. Getting hand warmers and a beanie, even some rain gloves will also come in handy. And while there, get a golf visor too, so you can see where the ball is going without any complications. This will help make your game a lot easier. While there, you also want to spend more time warming up, since it will help you perform better if the weather is questionable.

Change your clubs so they can make up for the heavier cold air

You need a lot more force to try and play golf during extreme weather, and that means you must change your clubs. Club up at least a club and then plan for 5-10 yards less for every club. It’s important to hit the driver properly, so you may need to make some changes there as well.

Practice indoors

Since the extreme weather won’t make it easy to play outside for a whole lot, you can always practice indoors. There are golf simulators, you can even buy a practice golf net too. There are a variety of options to consider, you just need to figure out what’s the most comfortable pick in your own situation. As you will see, there are a plethora of options to keep in mind here. Improving the way you swing is also very important here. Switching the golf balls and keeping them warm is another great idea to keep in mind.

Don’t use the golf cart

Instead of using the golf cart, just make sure that you walk to your next destination. Having a towel and getting enough clubs is a crucial thing to keep in mind here, just make sure that you keep it in mind and avoid any sign of rush or problems that might arise.

Playing golf during extreme weather can definitely change the way you usually enjoy the game. But with the right changes, this can be a whole lot of fun and extremely interesting. Just try to take that into account and use all these tips to help improve your game. It will make a huge difference!

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